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After Correcting Your Status


Caution: Do not use the items and documents in this section until you fully understand how to use them and how to assert your rights.

Travel Kit

Below is a link to download your Travel Kit

Revise the Travel Kit Document and keep it with you on your travels

Traveling by Air
Above the Clouds
Traveling By Bus
Travel Bag
Couple Hiking Outdoor
Countryside Scenery

Relief and Remedy

Below is a link to download our Affirmation of Evidence, Statement of Fact, Objection and Reminders Documents

Download this document and keep it with you on your travels

Misty Morning
Image by Annie Spratt
By the Lake
Colorful Hot Air Balloons
Backpack Straps

After Correcting Your Status

  1. Send out Notifications per our Louisiana Assembly Checklist 

  2. Order and Receive Credentials Card from LRO (Land Recording Office)

  3. Correct your Passport

  4. Join your Jural Assembly

  5. Join the Militia or Peacekeeping Taskforce

  6. Attend a Weekly Meeting/Webinar and join a committee position

  7. Get your Civil Peace Flag 

  8. Private Property Signs for your home/property

  9. Private Z Plate for your Automobile

  10. Revocation of Election to pay Taxes

  11. After Sending Revocation Letters Click here: (Steps and info about the IRS

  12. The Truth about the IRS; Click here: IRS/BATF and more

  13. Land Patent & Property Tax Removal

  14. Un-incorporate Your Business

  15. Share your newly found status and information with family and friends

Passport Correction

The document link below is for instructions to correct your Passport

Until you receive your Passport: Place a label or write in Permanent Marker on the back of you Drivers License; "Retired. Not for Hire."

After receiving your Passport autograph it: By...... and add your disclaimers. All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice, UCC 1-308

Items you can order to declare your property

Civil Peace Time Flag

Click the link below

to order your flag and more


Z Plates
For your Private Vehicle

Click the Link Below to order

Z Plate for your vehicle


Private Property Notice and Warning Sign

Click the link below to order your sign


Informational Material

Employer and IRS Documents

Below are documents you can use after correcting your status. 

Sign In America
American Debt Relief

Click the Button Below after correcting your Status.

 Just complete the Study Course and Sign

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