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About Us

We are living, breathing Americans that have corrected and recorded our political status, returning to the Land and Soil. We are here helping others come home to the land and soil. Our Founding Fathers gave us the ultimate freedoms to live our lives in peace and harmony with others. That which has been given to us requires our involvement in self-governance. We must be involved in our rightful government in order to assure our rights and freedoms are protected. Unbeknownst to us some of our Employees have been eroding, restructuring, and slowly chipping away at our rights for many years. Fortunately there are many Patriots that smelled a Rat and started doing research. This research allowed us to find out many truths. We are awake and reestablishing our rightful government, peacefully, lawfully, and with the Common Law owed to every American.

We are not a Political Party

We are not Extremists

We are not a Religious Organization

We are not Conspiracy Theorists

We are not looking for a profit

Our Mission


The Louisiana Assembly is dedicated to:

Upholding the Public Law and Keeping the Peace
Repopulating the Louisiana Land and Soil Jurisdiction
Restoring the complete and fully operational Land and Soil Jurisdiction
Establishing the State and Common Law court system serving the people
Filling vacant Public Offices
Preserving the National Trust and enforcing Public Law
Reclaiming our material and intellectual public and private assets
Upholding the Federal Constitution
We, the living people of Louisiana are calling all eligible Americans to assemble. We are assembling peacefully and without resentment or bitterness, by exercising our unincorporated powers and capacities.

Rescue Americans Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea 2.jpg

Foreign entities are masquerading as our government. One third of our Federal Government is missing. It was warehoused in 1868 by British/Scottish sympathizers in the U.S. Territorial Congress. Officially, our true federal government has been “held in abeyance” for over 150 years awaiting action by the sovereign States of the Union. The action required is to “reconstruct” the States of America. There are fifty American state republics, not one.

The States (meaning Maryland, Georgia, New Hampshire, etc…) formed a Federation of States known as “the Union”. This Union of States came to be on September 9, 1776, and adopted the doing-business-as-name: The United States of America, a Holding Company.

Beyond the Federation, the States split off another type of union called a Confederation of States known as the States of America, formed under the Articles of Confederation on March 1, 1781. The Confederation’s members were all “States of States” such as The State of Maryland, The State of Georgia, The State of New Hampshire, etc… These are the original Federal States of States which “went missing” after the Civil War. They are the doing-business entities of the actual States of the Union, which must be conducting our business for us.

Instead, these original “States of States” doing business under the name of, as an example, “The” State of Washington, were deceptively replaced by British Territorial entities doing business as “the” State Washington. The difference between “The” State of Washington and “the” State of Washington went either unnoticed or was not understood by the unaware population for what it was… an undisclosed and appalling Breach of Trust by the British Government, which then and now seeks to hide its fraudulent actions.

How Did We Get Here?

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Remember studying the Civil War? Do you recall the “Reconstruction” afterward? The Reconstruction that never happened. Why? Because spiteful men in Parliament, traitors and fools in Washington, DC chose not to finish the job that they were morally, lawfully and legally mandated to get done. Britain and France gained influence and pulled off scams against America that made European freeloaders rich at our expense and entangled America, their own countries, and most of the rest of the world in endless wars for profit. Who is at the bottom of this pile? Bankers. Bankers influence and pay off politicians. Politicians influence the military and before you know it, we have non-stop greed causing endless wars. The Assemblies’ mission is to peacefully finish the Reconstruction that began in 1865.

Where We Are Going?

Woodland Path

What we are helping to do as a State Assembly is finalize the so-called “Reconstruction” that began after the so-called “Civil War” and all the British provoked fraud that followed. The Federation is calling the actual States of the Union to Assemble. The States will then “reconstruct” the actual Federal States of States doing business as, for example, The State of Washington. Once this happens in all fifty states, the Reconstruction will finally be finished and the Territorial and Municipal United States corporations will be kicked back to the curb where they belong

Goals and Expectations


The Assemblies are unincorporated business organizations engaged in essential “original” 1787 Constitutional related matters.

The primary job of the Assembly is to get fully populated, organized and prepared for peaceable action. We are restoring Common Law courts so that foreign Admiralty Courts have no cause to address American Nationals or American Citizens.

By declaring your birthright political status, recording it, and joining your State Assembly, you are setting yourself apart from your “government services” employees and their duties. You are accepting your Public Duty, which is to uphold the Constitutions and Public Law. Participation in Assemblies is founded on being polite and productive members of the community.

When new people join Assemblies, they don’t know what to think or expect. Some may be scared or angry, and think that they are doing something controversial or dangerous. Rest assured, that what the Assemblies are doing is perfectly lawful, legitimate and peaceful.

The primary role of the Assembly is to get organized as a government for our State of the Union. It is not a ‘Battered Americans Support Group’. Assemblies aim to teach people about self-governance, which requires developing skills many people do not have and have never thought about. Nationality is a birthright. Assembly membership is a choice.

Joining The Assembly is not:

  • A get ‘out-of-jail-free-card’ for resolving pre-existing legal issues

  • A private club, it is a public body

  • A place for venting and unloading your personal problems

  • For “Angry Bulls” who just want to roar and fight

  • For Gossip, slander, complainers and time-wasters

The Assembly’s main objective is to cooperatively and amicably focus on the state and county business at hand.

About Our Lawful Government

About Our Reconstruction and Federation of States. 


Anna Von Reitz

This website, it's contents, and the advanced point at which we are taking back our freedoms would not be possible without the commitment and persistence of Anna Von Reitz, The Living Law Firm, and thousands of Patriots moving it forward.

Join us to make it Millions. 

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