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Our Common Law

From remote antiquity, the Geneva Bible and the Magna Carta, there have been various instances that shape and confirm our Common Law.

"The inhabitants of the said [Northwest] territory shall always be entitled to . . . the writ of habeas corpus, and of the trial by jury . . . and of judicial proceedings according to the course of the Common Law. —AN ORDINANCE FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE TERRITORY OF THE UNITED STATES NORTHWEST OF THE RIVER OHIO art. II (1787).

This Constitution . . . shall be the supreme law of the land . . . Done in Convention by the unanimous consent of the States present, the 17th day of September in the year of our Lord 1787 . . . In suits at Common Law . . . , the right of trial by jury shall be preserved; and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the Common Law. —U.S. CONST. arts. VI, VII & amend. 7 (1787)."

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Holy Bible

Political Statuses

American National – is a Living Man or Woman with a declared status of living on the Soil, with national presence.

American Citizen – is a living Man or Woman with a declared status of living on the Land, with national and international presence.

citizen of the United States – is someone identified as a MUNICIPAL Corporate Legal Fiction (a misnomer).

US Citizen – is someone identified as a Territorial Legal Fiction (also a misnomer).

Jurisdictions (L-A-W)

“Juris” = Law / “Diction” = Word

Land (International) & Soil (National) – Both Ruled by Man

Air (MUNICIPAL) – Owned and Ruled by the Pope

Water/Sea (Territorial) – Owned by the Pope, Ruled by the Crown/Queen

The soil is defined as the top six inches of the land. The soil jurisdiction is our national jurisdiction, while the land underlying it is our attached international land jurisdiction.

Each jurisdiction employs different words and specific language. It’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Lawful Versus Legal Jurisdictions 

Common-Law-Book_Sepia Washington Assembly.jpg

Common Law – Applies to living people (men and women) seeking truth, justice and honor with full disclosure.

Commercial Commerce – Applies to fictions that are LEGAL, such as; Trusts, Institutions, Territorial and MUNICIPAL corporations (corpses), contractual obligations and the Agents operating in this capacity.

Common sense would lead one to think that living people function under the public law of no trespassing, so stated in The Ten Commandments and The Declaration of Independence, on The Land jurisdiction under Common law, but that is not where the majority of people are identified. Most people operate as a misnomer, as a fictional character in their/these jurisdictions. Living people were intentionally misidentified via the “Dead Baby Scam” and unlawfully enslaved. Then, they have been conditioned through public schools (Institutions) to operate as legal fictions, instead of being taught how to be responsible lawful men and women. Common law is lawful and Territorial, MUNICIPAL and other corporations are legal.

Sea Jurisdiction = Admiralty Law

 Scales of Justice


The Law of the Sea is for corporations and is based on Admiralty or Maritime Law. This is also called Martial Law. This system employs Judges, Attorneys and Clerks who operate in international commerce, as an INCORPORATED democracy exercising “the” Constitution “of” the United States of America.

Act of Congress: Article I, Section 8, Clause 17
You know we have a serious problem when the “acting” Seat of Government of the United States (Territorial and MUNICIPAL corporations) intend to exercise “color of law” authority beyond the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia as they assume that their legal fictions (corporations), are populated by hundreds of millions of fictional “citizens” that were born “missing at sea, and presumed dead,” existing only as corporate “PERSONS” and legal fictions to be farmed, mortgaged, taxed and warred upon due to the “Dead Baby Scam”.
(Link to: Blood Money 4 article)

Please note that Common Law and equity issues cannot be resolved in Admiralty courts. Admiralty (British Chancery) courts deal in Commerce only. They rule on undisclosed Trust Law and fictions, not truth and honor with full disclosure. Admiralty courts are actually banks and whenever you consent to “stand under” their jurisdiction you must realize that you have consented to enter into a contract within their jurisdiction. By stating that you “understand the charges”, you have consented to “stand under” their Admiralty jurisdiction and that you are wiling to pay financially, “the charges”.  Non-disclosure and deception are British Chancery courts’ standard operating procedures.

Common law Courts were replaced with British Equity Law Courts

In 1954 Common Law was replaced with British Equity Law.
Thus, the takeover and mothballing of the American Courts was complete.
There is no justice in the Admiralty system, just facts and fictions.
There is only administrative and statutory law designed to extract fees and fines from you and your STRAWMAN.
Walking into an Admiralty court is like walking into a Casino where everything is rigged against you!
Our goal is to stay out of their corrupt courts and restore our Common law courts!!

What is Capitalism?

Capitalism from Washington Assembly.jpg


It’s essential to understand that Capitalism is an economic system based on production of products, services and distribution. In a Capitalist system, businesses are mainly privately owned and operated for private profit to gain possession of private capital and its resulting power.

The District of Columbia is a foreign-owned corporation, a private business that deals in products, services and distribution. The main products and services that they sell and distribute are fear and solutions to the fear they create.

These products and services are deceptively sold and delivered to ill-informed Americans at great cost. The District of Columbia has over-stepped it’s bounds by establishing “state of state” corporate franchises in every state, which are actually fictions on paper and they should have nothing to do with living-breathing Americans.

This is why our Territorial and MUNICIPAL subcontractors (our employees) have deceptively substituted Admiralty Courts for our Common law courts. Once these foreign “for-profit” corporations trick us into contracting to buy their invented services, they use their “color of law” courts, LEO’s and the military (that we pay for) to force us to go along with this racket.

Basically, they’re in the business of selling us a false sense of protection that we don’t need and everything that goes with it. This includes phony court costs, conjured up fines, fake judges, their robes, copyrighted forms, contracts (drivers licenses, marriage certificates, hunting licenses and much more), as well as the paper these forms and contracts are written on. They even sell us propaganda campaigns like covid. Everything is for sale.

We pay for this shinola through our secret trust accounts that they set up “for us” using “The Dead Baby Scam” and from our labor. Some would call this double dipping. They hit our trusts for payments, using our credit and we pay out of our pockets again. If we don’t agree to pay, they force us to play along at gunpoint if needed. The “Bankers” and “Global Elite” have used this scam for generations to extract wealth and enrich themselves from unsuspecting Americans.

Variations of our names spelled in ALL-CAPs were set up and monetized right after we were born, as in CAPITALIZED into a capitalist system. This is often referred to as “The Dead Baby Scam.” These similar sounding CAPITALIZED name variations, (fictitious entities) are fraudulently claimed to be owned by the Pope, Queen and Lord Mayor. Each CAPITALIZED version of our name exists in a different corporate jurisdiction. The birth date on our birth certificates defines us as “products” of human conception. It is sickening.

Our identities were stolen as innocent babies. They did this without disclosure, so they could steal our credit and our labor to enrich themselves until and after we die. You see, they have also taken out secret life insurance policies on each “U.S. Citizen” as well.

Think about that for a moment, we were classified as a non-living products (corporate citizens) days after we were born, or is it ‘berthed’ like a vessel? These parasites did this to us so they could illegally force us into their fictional Admiralty system, claim to own us, steal our potential energy to produce all our lives and then they collect life insurance payouts on us after we die. All without disclosure! (Link to: Blood Money 1 article)

You can learn more about the birth certificate fraud in the ‘Meet Your STRAWMAN’ and ‘Birth Certificate Summary’ sections on this page. There’s also an immense amount of information on this subject on The American States Assembly website and Anna Von Reitz’s website as well, where she has written over 3,000 articles about these massive crimes against mankind for over 150 years.


Strawman from Washington Assembly.jpg
Strawman-table Washington Assembly.jpg


We have been enslaved from birth, through death, through semantic word games and deceit. Your STRAWMAN is a fictional entity set up using “CAPITALIZED” variations of your given name at birth. This is the most blatant and unconscionable fraud in the history of the civilized world.

It was done though deceitful conversion of our names to CAPITAL LETTERS, making us corporate entities. It happened when they registered our birth certificates in the state in which we were born; occurring about two weeks after our “born on date”.

Your STRAWMAN is actually a fictitious entity. When spoken it sounds like your name, but it’s not you…the living man or woman. The ALL CAPs version of your name is a financial instrument, not a living entity.

Links to the "Dead Baby Scam" articles

Birth Certificate Facts You May Not Know

NH-Birth-Certificate from Washington Assembly.jpg


When our names are capitalized and registered using birth certificates, the ALL CAPS variations of our names are set up as financial instruments, fictions…as in the act or process of converting us into property or assets and not classifying us as living babies.

Doctors and nurses are employed to deceive our mothers into “informing”, basically signing off that we were presumed to be “citizens” … born “missing at sea, and presumed dead,” redefined as corporate “PERSONS” and legal fictions to be farmed, mortgaged, taxed and warred upon.

This birth certificate fraud takes us out of our natural jurisdiction as babies so they could claim ownership of us, our assets and our life-time of potential energy to produce. Foreign actors; the Pope, Queen, Lord Mayor and the international Bankers are responsible for this fraud. Our so-called politicians go along with this scam because they are paid off. They’re like ‘the fox guarding the hen house.’

Massive trusts were set up with our assets and have been intentionally mis-managed and milked for generations. In short, they stole our identities, our credit and our labor, so they could run up massive un-payable debt, enriching themselves and throwing a 150-plus yearlong party, all at our expense.

This scam has been replicated in over 150 countries. These criminals owe Americans and other countries an immense amount of wealth. So much, they can never, ever hope to pay it back. This has all been done without disclosure and without our consent. It’s flat-out fraud. Birth Certificates are evidence of their crimes, so keep track of your Birth Certificate!

Corporate UNITED STATES Facts

pope Washington Assembly.jpg

The Corporate United States is a Fictional Entity
A foreign owned and operated governmental services corporation with a contract to provide 19 basic services, owed to the people on the land who employ them.

MUNICIPAL United States Corporation (Pope)

dba: “the” United States (a corporation)
“The Constitution of the United States”

Comprised of 10,000 INCORPORATED Franchises operating as Municipal Oligarchies: “STATE OF,” “CITY OF,” “TOWN OF,” “TOWNSHIP OF,” “BOROUGH OF”.

Using this fictional scam, your Berth Birth Certificate, when signed by your Mother who was really classified as an informant, created JOHN WILLIAM DOE a MUNICIPAL “citizen of the United States”.

This all-CAPs variation of your given name is a corporate legal fiction, a “PERSON”, which was fraudulently provided a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust by THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE.

This trust was “removed to Puerto Rico for safekeeping,” all without your knowledge or consent.

The MUNICIPAL corporation is owned and operated by the Pope.

Brit-Crown_sepia Washington Assembly.jpg

Territorial United States Corporation (Queen)

Currently in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
“the” United States of America (a corporation)
“The Constitution of the United States of America”

Comprised of 57 INCORPORATED state franchises: 50 “State of” States (State of New Hampshire, State of Vermont, State of Maine, etc.) AND seven (7) insular States (Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, etc.).

Under this fiction, your American Trade Name was stolen to create a Foreign Situs Trust without your knowledge or consent and after settlement in 1999, these bankrupt franchises or “disregarded entities” were re-named to JOHN W. DOE a new corporate legal fiction “PERSON” that serves as the territorial “United States Citizen” and public transmitting utility.

For example: John William Doe vs. JOHN WILLIAM DOE sound the same when they are spoken, but each spelling means vastly different things. John William Doe is a noun. It is a proper name that represents a living man.  JOHN WILLIAM DOE represents a non-living, fictional entity.

When a proper name is CAPITALIZED it becomes a fiction.
Corporations, franchises and trusts are all fictions.
Your CAPITALIZED NAME and variations of it are all fictions.
Be mindful that capitalized variations of your given name are used to pull you into contracts within their fictional corporate jurisdictions.

The Territorial corporation is owned by the Pope and operated by the Queen.

Fed-Reserve_sepia Washington Assembly.jpg

Federal Reserve Bank Corporation (Bankers)

In case you didn’t know, The District of Columbia’s treasury is the Federal Reserve, which is also a private corporation that sells products and services to us. It’s actually called THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

Often, this fictional entity hits up our trusts (our credit) to pay for their “money system” services they so kindly offer to us and charge us to use.

The Department of Treasury is a franchise of the Federal Reserve. The national debt is the Pope, Queen, elites and banker’s debt, not living men and women’s  debt. These foreign actors created debt through the Federal Reserve System and they used our credit from the illegal Birth Certificate conversion to run up this massive unpayable debt.

Now these parasites are trying to stick living men and women with the bill or kill us off using experimental pharmaceutical bio-weapon jabs to cover up their 150-plus year joyride using our credit.

Washington Monument

Washington D.C. (Franchise)

Washington D.C. is a FOREIGN ENTITY on American soil and it is not “our” government of sovereign states. The men and women in the corporate “Congress” of the UNITED STATES, INC. are not “our” representatives. They  represent foreign commercial corporations and/or “State” franchises which are operated as criminal syndicates on our shores in violation of their charters.

These artificial “representatives” sitting in Congress and federal “State” Legislatures serve foreign governments that undermine our system of government, while pretending to be our friends and allies: the United Nations City State, the United States of America, (Minor), the Washington, DC Municipal (City State) Government and especially, the City-State of Westminster.

The entire political process in America, the “Two Party System”, orchestrated by these corporations is rigged, and as for representing you and your interests it is worthless. Every living American has at least four (4) legal fictional entities named after them, which are owned and operated by foreign corporations in foreign jurisdictions.

The entire display of “bad” or “good” Democrats or Republicans is all an act designed to entertain, distract and exhaust our energy and resources. It is also set up to divide us so we spend our time and energy backbiting among ourselves. Both parties serve the same bosses and work for the same corporations.

These corporations are owned and operated by international banking cartels and foreign governments. Six generations of American men and women are guilty too, we let this happen to us and “We The People” need to peacefully restore our rightful unincorporated government.

How to Change the Courts.PNG
Statutes-vs-Law from Washington Assembly Site.jpg
Lawful Terms Versus Legal Terms.PNG

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